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Bookmark Upgrade: September, 2023

Hello Rockets! 

These are the bookmarks that every single student will receive this month. If you show me that you still have it in May, 2024, you will get to upgrade it to one of the beautiful laminated ones! 


Um, can you say "Upgrade"?  WOW! 

Examples of fancy bookmarks you might get in May 2021

I see Star Wars, Harry Potter, a unicorn, kitties, Mickey, Minecraft, and more! Aren't these AMAZING?!?!  


So, hang on to those cardboard bookmarks! And prove to me you've still got them in May! 


Read On, Rockets!  <3 

Mx. Kim's Bookmark Philosophy

I believe that every student should have at least 3 bookmarks. 


1. Because they're nifty.

2. Because "dog ear-ing" a page (foldng a corner) to hold your place damages the book- not cool! 

3. Because sometimes you just need to wiggle a piece of paper to make that cool "swooshy" noise- hee hee! 

I like to give away bookmarks regularly. I often have them available during weekly Library class time. And I try to do special holiday or end-of-year giveaways a few times each year, too. 

Sometimes they are simple scrap paper and sometimes they are amazing laminated works of art. Usually, they're cute carboard graphics that I can buy in bulk. 

Read On, Rockets!  <3