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Administration of Non-Prescription Medication

The Authorization / Release of Liability to Dispense Non-Prescriptive Medication Form is required to be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian before your child requires to take over the counter medication while at school or on a school function such as a field trip.
Your child will not be allowed to take any over-the-counter medication without this form completed, signed by a parent and turned into the school health office.  Additionally all over the counter medication must be in its original container. If your child takes Prescribed Medication you will need to print out and complete the Parent/Physician Release for Medication in School Form. 

Administration of Prescription Medication

The Parent/Physician Release for Medication in School form is required to give students Prescription Medication during school or while attending school functions such as a field trip.  Note:  This form MUST be signed by the physician; please plan accordingly.  If your student needs to take medication at school, this form needs to be filled out by the physician. The medication in it's original container needs to be turned into the health office with this form.