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We welcome parents to be part of our school community. We need your assistance to ensure student safety and reduce disruptions to classroom instruction.

Please make sure you are familiar with these school and district policies:

  • Visitors must sign-in at the office and receive a visitor’s pass on each visit
  • Visitors to campus during instructional time must have an appointment
  • All volunteers must be Category 2 approved in order to work in the classroom and/or go on field trips - Click Here For The Volunteer Application

The office staff is available to assist you in becoming an approved volunteer and with any questions about campus visits. 

Parents dropping off and picking up students before and after school are not expected to sign-in at the office. Parents dropping off students late or picking them up early should proceed to the office, not to the classroom. The office staff will assist you with late arrival or early dismissal. Parents should not escort late students to or pick up students early from class.